Let the Show Begin: Aquamark Employs Innovative Techniques for Theatre Cleaning

By 11th March 2012Monthly News
Britain is home to some of the most prestigious theatres in the world. We’re a nation of theatre goers and our famous venues attract locals and tourists from right across the globe. While our theatres are a treat to visit, thanks to many period features, high and awkward ceilings, balconies and fixtures they are incredibly difficult to clean. That many theatres are listed buildings and situated in some of London’s busiest streets makes cleaning solutions even more challenging.
Cleaning theatres takes a great deal of care and experienced staff and innovative techniques are essential to get the job done.  London cleaning experts Aquamark have the cleaning solutions and the experience to clean up even the most difficult of buildings.

Problem Solving at the Royal Ballet School
Aquamark recently cleaned the Royal Ballet School’s famous ‘Bridge of Aspiration’ and other features at the world-famous school’s Covent Garden base.
The bridge is an award-winning structure that links the school with the adjacent Royal Opera House. It was designed as an efficient way of getting the dancers from the school to the stage but its location, high above Covent Garden, and the design of twisted metal, glass and wood makes it a very difficult job; one which many other contractors deemed to be “impossible”.
Aquamark negotiated with Westminster Council to have the road where the school is located closed so cleaning experts could tackle the bridge with water-fed poles.
Aquamark Cover all Theatre Cleaning Techniques
To clean high balconies and awkward to reach features such as cornicing and ceiling decorations Aquamark use fully IRATA trained abseil teams.  Abseil cleaning is a perfect solution for awkward areas in a building’s interior. With no height limit it’s a perfect solution for cleaning theatres. Abseilers can get very close to features at height too meaning they can clean them thoroughly and safely. All Aquamark’s abseil teams are fully qualified and with an understanding of all the Health and Safety guidelines associated with working at height.
For more information on theatre cleaning; regardless of location, awkwardness or size call Aquamark today on 0208 401 2375.